Visual Presentations

Visual Presentations on LCD monitors

LCD nº Poster nº Organization Country Title Author(s)
LCD 1 1 ARSUTORIA school srl Italy Use of 3D design software in an Italian company with production off-shored Matteo Pasca
LCD 2 2 CIATEC Mexico Antifungal Nanocomposites for footwear applications Anayansi  Estrada Monje
LCD 2 3 CIATEC Mexico New products for a huge neglected market: automotive and truck drivers. Antonio Martin Ruiz Mariscal
LCD 2 4 CIATEC Mexico Anthropometric study of diabetic foot to develop personalised shoes Mayagoitia Vazquez Jose de Jesus, and others 
LCD 2 5 CIATEC Mexico Design and Development of an Adjustable Air Pad for Flatfoot Mayagoitia Vazquez Jose de Jesus, and others
LCD 2 6 CIATEC Mexico CIATHULE, unique ecological solution for footwear soles and a variety of rubber articles. Roberto Zitzumbo Guzman
LCD 2 7 CIATEC Mexico Reengineering of Product Design versus Production through the Balance Score Card, in order to reduce administrative and productive costs of implementation Luis Joel Quiroz Hernandez
LCD 3 8 CIATEC Mexico Strengthening capabilities in footwear manufacturing technology in Ecuador Jose Martin Sanchez Careaga
LCD 3 9 CIATEC Mexico Microorganisms resistance in tanning and their behavior before and after disinfectants and preventive treatments. José Martin Calvillo Mares and others
LCD 3 10 CIATEC Mexico Therapeutic footwear for treatment of plantar fasciitis Elisa López Alaniz and others
LCD 3 11 CIATEC Mexico System for colorimetry analysis in leather Jose de Jesus Sandival Palomares
LCD 3 12 CIATEC Mexico Computer system for collabostive design of footwear and leathergoods Jose de Jesus Sandival Palomares
LCD 3 13 CIATEC Mexico Cooperation Program for the Competitiveness of the Footwear Industries of Chile and Mexico Jose Martin Sanchez Careaga
LCD 3 14 CIATEC Mexico Chromium and harmful substances free leather product for children's footwear manufacture Walter Ronald Valeriano Acevey
LCD 4 15 CSIR-Central Leather Research Institute India Efficacy of pneumatic orthosis for children with cerebral palsy using gross motor function measure score - a case study Bhabendra Nath Das and D. Suresh Kumar 
LCD 4 16 CSIR-Central Leather Research Institute India Effect of hardness and surface roughness on slip resistance of footwear rubber sole Bhabendra Nath Das and Ranganathan Mohan
LCD 5 17 CTC France New sustainable alternatives in footwear assembling process Caroline Rodriguez
LCD 6 18 Centro Tecnológico do Calçado de Portugal Portugal COMFORT – Innovative Training opportunities on “Comfort & Healthy Footwear Rita Souto
LCD 7 19 Centro Tecnológico del Calzado de La Rioja Spain RFID: functionalities and advantages Gonzalo Combarros Hernández
LCD 7 20 Centro Tecnológico del Calzado de La Rioja Spain Recycling technologies for different footwear components (PU, rubber and/or textile) and reuse of raw materials  Maribel Martínez Vergara
LCD 7 21 Centro Tecnológico del Calzado de La Rioja Spain Personalised insoles through 3D printing Ignacio Eguía Cambero
LCD 8 22 Centro Tecnológico del Calzado de La Rioja Spain Thermochromic dyes (smart textiles) Álvaro Díez-Rubio
LCD 8 23 Centro Tecnológico del Calzado de La Rioja Spain Biotechnology applications for footwear industry Maribel Martínez Vergara
LCD 8 24 Centro Tecnológico del Calzado de La Rioja Spain Big Data technologies for fashion trends forecasting  Asier Rodríguez San Miguel
LCD 8 25 Centro Tecnológico del Calzado de La Rioja Spain Wearables integrated into footwear Gonzalo Combarros-Hernández
LCD 9 26 Elettrotecnica BC  Italy Power Save  automatic lasting  system without using thermoplastic or glues  Di Bella Charly
LCD 10 27 INESC TEC Portugal Business Experiments in footwear Cyber-Physical Production Systems Rui Dias
LCD 10 28 INESC TEC Portugal Customer-Responsive Supply Chain augmented with Shopper Marketing: a footwear fashion retail case Tiago Cunha
LCD 11 29 INESCOP Spain Sustainable polyurethane footwear materials based on CO2 Elena Orgilés Calpena
LCD 11 30 INESCOP Spain Antimicrobial 3D printed soles Marcelo Bertazzo
LCD 11 31 INESCOP Spain Effects of exposure to nanomaterials María Isabel Maestre López
LCD 12 32 INESCOP Spain Self-cleaning Leathers for footwear applications Francisca Arán AisS
LCD 12 33 INESCOP Spain Robotic application of hot melt adhesives Elena Orgilés Calpena
LCD 12 34 INESCOP Spain New analysis methodology for leather species identification. Elena/Ana Bañón/Torro
LCD 12 35 INESCOP Spain Bio-functional footwear comfort assessment  Mónica Jiménez, E; Sanchís, M.; Torró, A.
LCD 13 36 Lenzing AG Austria Footwear innovated by nature Birgit Schnetzlinger
LCD 14 37 Nigerian Institute of Leather and Science Technology, Zaria, Nigeria Nigeria  The Development of Appropriate Footwear for Prevention and Management of Diabetic Foot Problems Jerry Irmiya Tagang
LCD 15 38 SATRA Technology United Kingdom Water resistance with mud simulant Charlotte Fowle
LCD 15 39 SATRA Technology United Kingdom Foot Dimensions Zach Armitage
LCD 16 40 SCF France Shared experience of implementation of a 4.0 Industrie projet in a Textile industrie Olivier Verrièle
LCD 17 41 Shaanxi University of Science ?Technology China Optimization Control of Work-in-Progress Inventory for Footwear Enterprises Pengbo Wan
LCD 17 42 Shaanxi University of Science ?Technology China The Application of the Value Engineering Theory in Designing Intelligent Shoes  Pengbo Wan
LCD 17 43 Shaanxi University of Science ?Technology China The Progress of Research on the Biomechanical Mechanism of the Injury Caused by High-heeled Shoes Pengbo Wan
LCD 18 44 UNIC Italy Chemical legislation and production of leather shoes: from a difficulty to cope with, to an opportunity of improvement in collaboration with customers. Elisabetta Scaglia
LCD 18 45 UNIC Italy Leather tanning: the real environmental impact in light of LCA studies Elisabetta Scaglia