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Footwear components and moulded footwear

Company overview

Created in 1973, Procalçado S.A. is now a reference company in the European market for the design,
developments and manufacture of components for footwear and molded footwear under the brands ForEver®,
WOCK® and Lemon Jelly®.

With more than 100 million of manufactured soles, Procalçado has a strong production experience, a factor
of success especially when associated with a constant investment in the production process, cutting edge
technology, diversity of materials, design and innovation. A formula that results in the achievement of prestige
and recognition, which allows Procalçado to preserve a prominent position in national and international markets .

Nowadays, the company also has an international presence in the footwear market, both in the professional
segment through WOCK® and Lemon Jelly®.

Company growth
Currently, the group with more than 18.000 m2 of industrial area produces more than 5 million pairs of soles
and molded footwear annually, representing an annual turnover of 25 million euros, more than 90% for direct
and indirect exportation.

Today, the company has more than 400 employees and employed more than 150 people in the last two years.

Company research and development
The company’s strategy has been to invest in product diversification, customer service and value creation,
always investing in innovation. This way, the company guaranteed its success over more than 45 years
and it was also been recognized in the investment in innovation in a typically traditional sector with the
achievement of awards such as the GAPI awards in categories related to innovation, the COTEC NORS
Award in the category of product innovation, the NOS Innovation Award and the DRAPERS Footwear
Award, also in the category of innovation.

Procalçado has made several investments in technology and production development, in their brand
of soles, ForEver, they work with rubber compression moulding, thermoplastic injection moulding,
EVA injection moulding, rubber injection moulding and PU casting. WOCK as some technological
characteristics as well, WOCK models are manufactured through a process of injection of EverliteTM or
Steri-TechTM materials in a mold, and have a very specific feature that allows to improve the quality of
the professionals’ daily life. WOCK footwear is sterilizable, it’s produced on Steri-Tech ™, a high-quality
polymer that allows sterilization in autoclave up to 134 ° C, it’s non-slip, the sole is designed to reduce the
risk of slippage, it’s anti-static, promotes the release of accumulated electrostatic energy and as impact
absorption, diminishes the appearance of micro-injuries in tendons, bones and joints by reducing the
feeling of tired legs.

Designing the future
For the future, the company’s commitment is to continue investing in innovation, not just in terms of
production techniques and materials, but also through the brand concept, guaranteeing the constant
creation of value for our clients and, consequently, for the company and our country.


Adress: Largo Alminhas das Barrancas 97, 4415-343 Pedroso, PORTUGAL
Employees: 400