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75 years of tradition in shoe making

Fábrica de Calçado Evereste is a footwear company with 75 years of existence.  A family business, now in the hands of the 4th generation who values the advice and endorsement of their predecessors and is deeply committed with the responsibility of taking forward the legacy received.

Perks, its brand and the most recent project of the family, is a bold combination of innovation and 75 years of experience and knowledge applied to the art of designing timeless and versatile shoes.

From the hands of experienced artisan masters sophisticated and comfortable shoes emerge, showing the real tradition of making shoes. With high quality and without ever forgetting the importance of the most unexpected details that make each pair of shoes unique.

The handmade production process of Evereste results in a wide versatility in terms of the portfolio of models, which is even more extended given the possibility of customizing the different models. Oxford, Derby, Monk strap, Loafer, Dress, Chukka and Chelsea boots can all be made at Everest. And they can all have that special touch.

The entire manufacturing process is made in-house, which means research, creation and development,  production, marketing and distribution and the after-sales services are all interconnected within a team of expertise.
Besides having their owns brands  Cohibas, Chibs and Perks, Evereste also produces for other brands such as Miguel Vieira and Fugato.

To visit this shoe factory is a truly unique experience that we advise you to live.


Adress: R. Afonso de Albuquerque, 47, 3701-909 S.JOÃO DA MADEIRA
Brands: chibs / perks
Employees: 56