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Using the latest and finest leathers, we make sure that all shoes are unique

Company overview

Celita is a group dedicated to the manufacture of high quality men's footwear. The company was created in 1994, by two brothers, with the commitment to be at the forefront of the men's footwear industry. The company is focused on creating a distinctive concept that brings something new to the customers. With
tradition, know-how and experience in footwear manufacturing and, on the other hand, in innovation materialized in the use of new technologies, the company has shaped itself and marked its positioning in the footwear market. Seeking to establish new rules within the men's footwear segment, the group materializes attractive and diversified creations that challenge the limits of conventional design.
This is the essence of the company and is present in everything it does.

Company growth
Although the company was created in 1994, the real revolution happened between 2008 and 2010. At that time, the company made a huge investment in human resources and machinery, which allowed it to start
producing footwear from the sketch to the packaging. It grew exponentially and, in 2010, it initiated the internationalization process with a main focus in Europe.
At the end of 2006, and due to the sales volume increase, the company created a new industrial unit and practically doubled its production. Nowadays, the footwear produced on our factories is spread over approximately 50 countries worldwide.

Company research and development
This is a company that always seeks to be one step ahead. Currently, the investments are:
- 3D product development;
- Increasingly advanced machinery;
- Automatic cutting machinery (although the production is still 90% mechanical);
- Strong and constant investment in Design and Communication.

Designing the future
To the Group Celita, and with the current situation within the footwear sector, the main short/medium-term
orientations and goals are:
1. Keep the habitual customers and markets;
2. The entrance in at least 6 new markets in the next two years;
3. Regarding the brands:
• Keep AMBITIOUS' growth and globalization;
• Consolidate the new brand the company is currently working on and will be presented this year, SUIT


Company: Indústria de Calçado Celita, Lda
Adress: Rua Cidade de Guimarães, 187 - 4800-858 São Torcato Guimarães
Pairs of shoes per day: 2 000