Webhelp Payment Service

WEBHELP PAYMENT SERVICES is a payment institution specialized in the management of clients’ financial relations.
Webhelp Payment Service

We offer a large range of solutions enabling companies to outsource their receivables management, particularly for their international markets. Our mission is to help our clients to accelerate their development while reducing their exposure to financial risks and bad debts so as to ultimately improve their profitability and their cash position.

The advantage of outsourcing (Business Process Outsourcing) with WEBHELP PAYMENT SERVICES is that it provides access to a range of human resources, and has a local presence in different countries, skills, optimized processes, IT systems and payment networks and does not require investment on the part of the company.

WPS provides a global customer credit management outsourcing solution and also offers associated payment services. This service, operating under the name of FDI Logbox handles all the customer credit management and payment services tasks for our customers.

The FDI Logbox service adapts to the specificities of each company as well as the particularities and the financial and business practices in each country.

This solution handles all the tasks connected with receivables management, from the analysis of customer creditworthiness, to cash collection, including issuing the invoices.