Tecmacal was created exclusively for the footwear sector.
With almost 40 years of experience in the area, the company provides machines and qualified after-sales services, still having capacity to develop and install complete footwear and leather goods factory units and represents prestigious brands such as Cerim, Comelz, Stema, Bnz Technology, Eurmeccanica, Sagitta, Vifama, Olympic, Epilog, Atom, Compair, Galli, Omac, Falan, Sabal, Falzoni, Pasanqui, etc.

Tecmacal has an internal R&D department, dedicated to the design and development of new machines and equipments, also working together with external R&D entities, such as Inegi (Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management Institute), thus creating its own brand equipment line.

Following a permanent investment and business diversification strategy, Tecmacal, has been creating and acquiring new companies in order to obtain essential technical and human resources to produce and commercialize goods and equipment for industry in general.

The Tecmacal Group is today constituted by Tecmacal - Equipamentos Industriais, S.A ; Optima - Fabrico de Máquinas para Corte e Gravação, Lda (CNC Machines for all areas); Gralim (Metal Work/Exhibitors); Santos & Pires, Lda (Coats Sewing Lines, YKK zips, latex, Groz-Beckert needles); Plaquicouro – Componentes para Calçado, Lda (Vibram and Plaginsa soles); Luso- Comelz (Cutting Machines) ; Tecmacal Deux (Footwear machines for North Africa market – Morocco); Softdreams (Software and Hardware).