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We have 15 years dedicated to the manufacture of footwear

Company history
Sanbrusapatos is an industrial company, located in Nogueira do Cravo, that has 15 of experience in women and children footwear production. It also has an extensive experience in the production of large orders and is one of the leading footwear companies in the price-quality segment, in Portugal.

Sanbrusapatos has an own brand, Xica da Silva, to which it designs a vast collection every season and that also allows to present the clients new ideas and internal development abilities.

Progress and development
Sanbrusapatos has been presenting significant annual growths, with the corresponding need of increasing the human resources, new processes and procedures functions and structure. To support this growth, in terms of physical infrastructure, the company has recently changed to new facilities. It has also found a set of new collaborators, in order to improve its management structure.

Nowadays, Sanbrusapatos sales are mainly to the European market, though the increasing demand of clients from other countries, namely the USA, Russia and Japan, among others.

The company commercializes approximately 4000 pairs of shoes per day, through a business model based on the subcontracting of over 20 companies. As short/medium-term goals, it aims to grow to a commercialization of 5000 pairs per day with a similar business model, although with a higher internal productive capacity regarding cutting, installation and finishings.

Research and modernization
Sanbrusapatos team’s determination is focused on solving problems and facilitating business processes to its clients. To this end, the interpretation of every project it has together with its clients is of an authentic partnership.

Hence, the company has been investing in innovation, both at industrial equipment and production software levels.

Designing the future
In the very near future, Sanbrusapatos will start a new “premium” footwear line for the luxury segment. Another project it is working on will allow the clients to produce synthetic footwear in Portugal at a very competitive price.


Company: Sanbrusapatos - Indústria de Calçado, Lda
Adress: Rua Monte Redondo nº 278, 3700-916 Nogueira do Cravo, Portugal
Brands: Xica da Silva
Pairs of shoes per day: 750