Visits to Factories



Company overview
The history of RICAP goes back to 1984, when its founder and current administrator, prepared by the diverse
experiences within in the footwear sector, decided to take the risk and of creating his own company. From
sketches he designed for a 200 m² pavilion, he built what would become the first RICAP facility, a factory that

employed six workers and produced about 60 pairs of footwear per day for the domestic market.

RICAP currently employs 150 workers and has an average production of 1,200 to 1,500 pairs of shoes per day,
ready to be shipped to any part of the world. To fulfill its needs, the company has also created a soles, insoles
and boxes’ production line.

Company growth
The company has grown and evolved exponentially, much due to the export of its products. Its own brand,
SOFTWALK, was introduced to the market with great success to small buyers that requested a smaller volume
of orders but who have contributed to RICAP's progress and expansion around the world. The footwear
merges innovative systems to improve the level of comfort from the first moment one wears the shoes. The
combination between the used materials and the traditional methods allow the creation of a high-quality
shoe, in which the durability and the design are achieved without compromising comfort.

Company research and development

RICAP has a qualified team dedicated to the research and development of new products and techniques. The
company's employees effectively apply their human potential, which with the quality of the materials and
top technology, the tasks are performed with high efficiency. The investment in technology and production
techniques is a constant, resulting in an exponential growth, favorable to the company’s expansion.
Through all of those years, the investment in technology and production techniques, as well asthe acquisition
of facilities and equipment have followed the company’s growth.

Designing the future
In this family-owned footwear company the knowledge is passed from one generation to the next, with
pride in the past and confidence in the future.
In RICAP, the projection of the future is based on three fundamental points:
• Promoting Marketing actions
• Rearrangingand defining the concept and positioning of the brands
• Improving the production organisation


Adress: Rua de S. Mamede, 824 - Apt. 97, 4610-539 Penacova, Felgueiras
Pairs of shoes per day: 1 200 / 1 500
Employees: 150