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Company overview
Nobrand is a Portuguese company that was created at the beginning of 1988. The company became famous
and notorious due to its efforts to redefine the used technology within the footwear sector, aiming to

innovate and change the Portuguese footwear to a more modern and advanced industry.

Over the years, Nobrand has been aiming to change the traditional style by reinventing the past, always
looking for innovations for its shoes and industry. Nobrand has defined its own path and going its own way,
always choosing to distinguish itself from its competitors within the footwear industry. As the own company
says, “we build our path and walk through it with confidence, instead of going through someone else’s way”.

This company has the ability of reinvent itself with the classics. Instead of just recovering the fashion
classics, Nobrand dedicates itself to create trends and make fashion follow its trends.
Nobrand keeps a foot in the past and another in the future, thus dedicating itself to the creation of
handmade shoes with a lot of attitude, manufactured exclusively in Portugal.

Nobrand has around 108 employees that work directly at the company and approximately 500 that have an
indirect relationship with the company. The company is based in Rande, in the industrial zone of Longra.

Company research and development
At the moment, both the brand and the company Nobrand are on a market’s sedimentation period and
following the trends evolution.

With an unfavorable European market, due to the drastic lifestyle changing, the brand is trying to
consolidate its positioning in that traditional markets, trying to pay an intensified attention to its
clients, which means, creating tools and benefits through the purchase, therefore easing the retailers

Regarding customer support, we have created a tool called RESELLER.
Our client has the access key to the permanent stock in our central storage or in Germany and can
exchange items for those that are having better sales. This way, we provide a better performance at the
end of the season because the client put less shoes on sale and didn’t sacrifice its profit.

In production level, Nobrand is attentive to the market’s innovation, such as new machinery, because
there are always innovations and it likes to know new solutions to improve production. At the moment,
there are no predicted investments because the company has made a lot of investments, always with a
steady and long term modernization in mind.

Designing the future

The present projects the future!
Strengthen positioning, customer service, product quality and timely delivery are some of the key points
Nobrand has been giving much attention and, that way, the future will surely be easier.



Adress: Zona Industrial Longra, 4650-328 Rande - Longra
Brands: NOBRAND / Eat My Dust / No Studio
Employees: 108 direct workers+  500 indirect workers