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Shoes with a soul

Company overview

Luís Onofre was created in 1999, however, the designer’s relationship with footwear precedes that date, since the designer is the third generation of Conceição Rosa Pereira family, which has been working in this industry since 1939.

To produce shoes and accessories of exceptional quality, therefore being part of the luxury segment, it is important to select the best materials and combine innovation and technology with the level of detail of the handmade production.

The mission of the company Luís Onofre goes far beyond the creation of high quality shoes. The brand aspires to acquire a position that inhabits dwells among women, making them taller and even more beautiful, elegant and comfortable. The brand aims to create unique pieces that resonate with women from all over the world, create desires and expectations, doing everything in their power to know them better and satisfy them. The shoes are produced with the highest standards of quality, made with the best materials and executed with extreme care by the employees, who are talented and dedicated. Luis Onofre has two physical stores, one in Porto and another in Lisbon and an online store that allows it to be distributed worldwide.

From drawing to handmade fashion statement
The creation process of the perfect shoe begins with a pen in Luís Onofre’s hand . After the creation process of the shoe the colors are added, the materials are selected and the final sketches are made.

Onofre relies exclusively on elite figures for the materials. Then, after the materials selection andacquisition, they arrive to Onofre’s state-of-the-art workshop in Northern Portugal.

The shoemakers , in partnership with world-class machinery, create the pieces, combining each component with great skill care and perfect precision, in accordance with the sophisticated design.

Each produced piece is inspected by experts, who then pack and ship them.

Company: Conceição Rosa Pereira Ca. Lda
Rua Nicolau Coelho N.º 3315 Felgueiras, 4610-741 Sendim, Portugal
Employees: 50