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women's shoes

Company overview
Joia Footwear S.A. is a family-owned company with around 45 years of experience in the footwear

industry. Founded in 1973, its headquarters are in Felgueiras, near Oporto.

Joia currently has 225 employees, distributed by the main factory and by a second Industrial Unit
inaugurated in Cabeceiras de Basto, in 2013. The company manufactures both men and women footwear
with their "private label", B2B, with a daily average production of 1500 pairs of shoes.

In 2012, the company launched its own brand, "Cloud Footwear", aiming to create a footwear collection
focused on a unique design with a distinctive comfort. The choice of the name “Cloud” precisely intends to
express this concept of lightness and well-being within the simple act of walking.

Company growth
The company’s growth is characterized and recognized by being well-grounded in financial self-sustainability
and, based on this solidity, they accomplished the project of the own brand Cloud, that is strongly supported by
the above-mentioned second industrial unit, which reflects this growth. With an annual production of around
60 thousand pairs of shoes, the next goal is to reach the 120 thousand pairs mark.

Company research and development
Much of the immediate success that follows the brand Cloud since the beginning is due to the investment
on the use of products and components with an ecological dimenson and designed with the latest
technologies available to the footwear sector. Training and cooperation protocols with the Footwear
Technology Center of Portugal, as well as other partners, investment in machinery and software and the
search for talented human resources are the unchanging guiding principles of this company.

Designing the future
When someone tries to look ahead to the future, the natural image is a strong, and enduring success.
However, what happens every day in the factory, at many levels, is the actual reality. To use and to take
advantage of the foundation that was built upon this consolidation of success, has always made this
company a reference in the sector. They just assure there’s a promising future.


Company: Joia - Calçado, S. A.
Adress: Penacova, 4614-909 FELGUEIRAS,  Apartado 43, PORTUGAL
Brands: CLOUD
Employees: 225
Pairs of shoes per day: 1 500