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Specialization in injected and prefabricated soles

Company overview
ounded in 1999, I.S.I. – Indústria de Solas Injectadas, Lda. was born from the entrepreneurial spirit of one of its partner manager, Vítor Mendes. It started almost as a family business, with a very small number of employees, but with a strong growth ambition.

Since its creation, I.S.I. dedicates itself to the conception, development and manufacture of footwear soles, with the belief that soles are the foundation of a great shoe and that by producing soles with an appealing design it’s possible to enhance the shoe’s beauty.

The continued investment in state-of-the-art technologies and training of its workers has allowed the company to grow and currently be a leading SME and a reference within the sector. I.S.I.’s mission is to provide satisfaction to its clients, through creative solution and quality products, by working the best way possible with the several material that make the sole (TR, TPU, PVC, Leather, Neolite, etc.), and contribute to the comfort and well-being of the customers.

I.S.I. has the following values for its band: conviction, that it can always do better; freedom, as a brand that has a recent past and can still become whatever it wants; boldness, in having an ambition of also wanting to have a role on an already occupied territory; integrity, in being loyal to its principals, clients and customers; and persistence, the heathy stubbornness.

Company growth
Initially, it had a very small list of clients and worked exclusively to the national market. However, I.S.I. has been increasing both its productive and supply capacity. Over its 19 years of existence, it has been increasing its turnover, its number of employees and its supply. Nowadays, I.S.I. is a leading SME, has over 90 employees and has reached a turnover of around 10.9 million euros, in 2017.

One of I.S.I.’s main goal has been the creation of an own collection (ISI, ISI LIGHT and ISI HANDMADE) that gains some positioning in international markets. Firstly, the company began by launching its products in the internal market, with a resulting success of a significant increase of sales volume. Then, it has gradually been implementing itself in external markets, in order to internationalize the business and keep increasing sales.
The company has been increasing its direct exports, at this moment, having clients in Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Romania, Switzerland, Albania, France, India and Colombia.

Company research and development
I.S.I.’s team has over 90 employees with the most diverse skills, allowing it to fulfill the demands with versatility, quality and innovation. The company has a team specialized in the latest technologies, as, for instances, 3D printing and flexible prototyping.
The company annually produces 2.8 million pairs of shoes and has a productive capacity of 4 million pairs per year. It’s committed to assure assistance, development, service and quality for a competitive price.

Designing the future
I.S.I. is committed to invest in state-of-the-art technologies and training that allows it to create increasingly innovative and versatile products, in order to have an appropriate response to the market and strengthen its position in external markets.

As it is still a young company, the current investment is in a new market segment of extremely light soles with innovative decorative finishings, applied through difficult to replicate state-of-the-art technologies, therefore aiming a production mainly of added value products.

ISI Soles vision is since a very early phase of the organization in alignment with strong social and environment responsibility. Is not a note, it is a daily attitude visible in our responsible, ethical oriented behaviour with our employers and with the products we develop making the effort not only to improve community we are integrated in but in minimizing the negative impact industrial activity could result to society and environment.

A group of actions are implemented every year to support and improve Industrial waste treatment and recycling. Social concerns are taken in consideration and to show how we value our employees several initiatives are planned to provide a healthy and safe work environment from training in different skills, making available employees break spaces and improvement ideas presentation. The protocol celebration with local schools and universities within Felgueiras area has become an important development and source of change in the community and in our organization .

Specialization in injected and prefabricated soles. Using the most innovative and wider range of raw materials to assure product quality: from TR, PVC, TPU including innovating versions with light and diversification options developed by ISI Soles itself.

Count with more than 80 direct employees and same number of indirect professionals in cooperation through established partnerships in crucial areas for the company such as production subcontract and sales development. Young team but experienced and with the essential know-how to work in compliance with main brands and big international groups demanding requests.
Additional to this characteristic, ISI Soles integrate equipment’s and leading-edge technologies within production, development and soles finishing. It is important to point out that currently prototyping is developed in 3D.

Currently with a 2.8 million yearly production we just finishing an expansion process to prepare us to raise yearly capacity for the 4 million.


Company: I.S.I. Indústria de Solas Injectadas, Lda
Adress: Santo Andre - Friande - >4620-324  Felgueiras