Visits to Factories


Company overview
Centenário Footwear Factory was founded in Cucujães, in northern Portugal, in 1941. It is 77 years old and is

already in the third generation.

Centenário has an extensive experience in both men and women footwear production, although over the
past years has dedicated particular attention to golf footwear production in Goodyear’s the system of
construction. Besides Goodyear, Centenário also produces in Blake and Cemented’s systems.

Centenário uses high-quality leathers and finishing products, manufactured by experienced artisans, which
gives an elegant and appealing final look to the footwear.

Company growth
Centenário has gone through several growth phases, being the most important the construction of the
new factory building, in 1984, which was expanded in 2003.

It was completely handcrafted and with an exclusive production to the national market since its
beginning. However, with the new industrial unit and the acquisition of modern equipment, it has
diversified its products’ destination to international markets.

Company research and development
With the expansion in 2003 and the modernization of its machinery, together with an investment in state-of-
the-art technology, nowadays, practically 95% its total production goes to external markets.

Designing the future
In order to be prepared for the future, Centenário’s efforts are aiming to the following action plans:
• Graphic restructuration of the brand – branding makeover to modernize and look more appealing and
• Website restructuration – consequently to the brand’s restructuration, a new, more modern and
a functional website was created
• Investment in e-commerce and digital marketing platforms
• Creation of a new brand (with alternative lines) to complement Centenário’s traditional offer with urban
and contemporary lines
• Market diversification, namely making a strong investment in Asian, South and North Americas markets,
where it wasn’t properly represented
• Investment in a new and modern industrial unit to create better working conditions. This heavy
the investment will allow the increase of processes efficiency, as well as the productive capacity and
diversity and responsiveness to the increasing demanding requests


Adress: Rua Clube Desportivo de Cucujães, n. 794, Apartado 33, 3721-908 Vila de Cucujães
Phone: 00351 256 899 360
Pairs of shoes per day: 600