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Components for shoes

Company overview

Bolflex is a market leader, specialized in the footwear components sector, with proven skills in the production and supply of soles to the European footwear industry. The project started in 1992 with the founder and Director General, António Ferreira. Back then, Bolflex started with just six employees and four rubber press machines and produced soles for a single customer. Its production was around 1000 pairs of shoes per day.

Nowadays, 25 years later, Bolflex has become one of the main producers in the Iberian Peninsula and Europe.
With the company’s know-how, experience and modern machinery, its main focus is in the production of rubber soles and its consequent transformation. Besides being experts in rubber, the company also produces other product typologies of proven high quality and design. The most recent product is the B-Light rubber. Bolflex’s productive capacity is of approximately 20.000 pairs of shoes per day. The company works with some of the most important footwear and fashion brands throughout Europe.

Company growth
Over the years, Bolflex has had new and different needs. With the gain of experience and more attentive to the clients demands, to market and trends evolution and to the constant changes of the footwear world, the company had to make an investment in new facilities and resources, mainly technological. Nowadays, it offers its partners the best available service within the footwear industry. Bolflex products and solutions have an undoubted commitment to the individual projects of each and every one of our business partners.

The company works for its products to be part of an experience, to which availability, flexibility and quality are always present. It has autonomous facilities for Design, Product Development, Prototyping, Samples and Molding, therefore allowing it to be one of the most fast, efficient and competitive suppliers of the footwear industry. Since the beginning, the company’s keywords are Innovation and Investment.
More than committed to its customers, Bolflex is committed with the people behind the businesses, therefore having a great admiration for its team and encouraging them to give its best to face and overcome each unique challenge that might appear, in order to assure the continuous innovation, quality and excellence.

Bolflex was born to stablish bridges and relationships between people and has as a goal to provide the best
solutions to its business partners.

The company’s products are designed to meet the fashion industry demands, which are always changing and innovating, with great focus on technical and environmental requirements. It wants to assure to its clients that it is the most innovating, effective, compromised and reliable partner and wants to be part of their customers’ success. Its goal is to be one of the main suppliers of the European footwear industry.

Designing the future
2012, Bolflex has been working to reduce its ecological footprint, always worried about the environment and the future of the planet.
Over the past years, the company has made a tremendous progress regarding waste management and reduction through the development and acquisition of rubber injection machines, which have reduced the soles’ production waste by half.

With the environmental concerns in mind, Bolflex has developed two products: its exclusive eco-friendly sole, made with natural products, which means its degradation won’t pollute the environment; and its recycled sole, made of 45% recycled rubber, which is an innovative product that follows every standard and directive of the Footwear Technology Centre of Portugal.

The company is in conformity with the following standards:
ISO2871-Met. B-2008 / EN ISO 20872-2001 / PT ISO17707-2003 / PT ISO20871-2001 / REACH


Company: Bolflex - A. Ferreira & Pereira, Lda
Adress: Rua Nicolau Coelho N.º 3315 Felgueiras, 4610-741 Sendim, Portugal
Employees: 130