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The Footwear Factory Anjonel is a result from a passion for footwear

Company history
The Footwear Factory Anjonel was born at 13 March 1985, resulting from a passion for footwear allied to the will of innovation. However, Anjonel’s story goes back to 1976, as a sole proprietorship enterprise, starting its activity in a garage, with the help of the founder’s wife and a neighbor. They adjusted its production to the seasons and manufactured slippers, sandals and boots. Whatever the model, it was produced from start to finish in that small factory almost without any machinery. As expected, the whole production was for the national market and in small quantities. Nowadays, Anjonel has two own brands, Mile and Volca. Mile is a more traditional footwear line with a commercial approach and Volca is exclusive for the international market with a focus on Sneakers.

Progress and development
Back then, Anjonel, with its three employees, had an average production of 20 pairs of shoes per day, with an essentially manual process. It worked for almost 20 year for the national market and the first export was in 1998 to the Dutch market. This way, the company started to have a higher sales volume percentage to the international market and began producing mainly women’s shoes.

The following years represented a steady growth sustained by a strong investment in state-of-the-art technology, in order to be better prepared for the production of any type of order and to effectively and quickly respond to new demands from its clients.

In 2012, the company started changing its strategy. At that time, the company had around 40 employees, an average production of 500 pairs of shoes per day and a business volume of 4.000.000€.

In 2015, it decided to go forward with the construction of new facilities. Still within the new company strategy plan, it created its own brand Volca.

In 2017, Anjonel inaugurates its new facilities, which occupy a total area of approximately 2000m2, now with 60 workers and with the productive capacity of 650 pairs of shoes per day, with the Dutch market as the core, under a private label.

Research and modernization
Anjonel is a technological advanced and well-equipped company that essentially dedicates itself to the men’s casual footwear production with a flat construction. With the launching of Volca, it makes a clear investment in less traditional footwear by having a strong identity and even having a vegan footwear line.

Designing the future
Anjonel strategy aims for Volca’s growth and, simultaneously, increasing the interest of international casual footwear brands and retailers for an added value footwear market.

With the available technology and the goal of expanding even more to international markets, Anjonel intends to boost Volca and to have a production mainly dominated by its own brands.


Company: Fábrica de calçado Anjonel, Lda
Adress: Rua Marco de Simães, n. 75. 4615-380 Caramos, Lixa
Brands: Mile / Volca
Pairs of shoes per day: 650
Nº of Employees: 60