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Professional Footwear

Company overview
AMF was founded in 1999, in Guimarães, the heart of Portugal. The initial name of this company was
Albano Miguel Fernandes, Lda. and started its activity with 20 employees, distributed by the various
functions of the footwear production. Back then, were produced approximately 250 pairs per day. AMF
is specialized in the design and production of high quality technical footwear, with a focus on safety
footwear. The company develops products with a cutting-edge design and technological innovation, in
the areas of techniques and materials, therefore guaranteeing maximum comfort, durability and extreme

security , in order to protect and provide greater well-being to the users.

AMF currently has two own brands: "TOWORKFOR", a brand of working protective footwear, combining a
stylish design with technical innovation. The brand is pioneering since its launch, in 2005, by introducing
the world's first safety sneakers. And it never ceased to amaze the market ever since. Most recently, with
the presentation of a collection of extremely lightweight safety shoes that incorporates a material to
make ultralight soles. An exclusive TOWORKFOR in the protective footwear sector. By its turn,the brand
"TOO'L" presents a young and versatile style. The TOO'L’s safety footwear combines daily routine withwork
and is adaptable to any situation and at any time of the day.

Currently, the company has 134 employees and is named AMF Safety Shoes. Its facilities were specially
designed for the production and development of high-quality safety footwear. In 2009, AMF received
the first GAPI Award for Best Product Design and, in 2013, become the national leading company in the
production of safety footwear.

Company growth
The company has annual growth rates of 30% and reached a sales volume of 13€ M, in 2017. AMF has a
marketing strategy of its own brands and private labels by exporting 90% of its production worldwide.

Company research and development

As specialist in safety footwear with a solid experience in the area, AMF is a benchmark in the designing and
production of safety footwear at international level. AMF offers footwear with added value by its differentiating
design and technical and materials’ innovation, therefore exceeding expectations of clients all over the world.
Currently, the company has modern facilities in an area of approximately 4000 m², divided into three
distinct zones: offices, warehouse and manufacture. The production is organized in four areas: gluing
assembly, direct injection assembly, finishing and shipping. Regarding the equipment, AMF has been
investing in state-of-the-art technologies. The company is currently designing a new factory, which fully
incorporates completely automated productive technology.

Designing the future
AMF is currently preparing the 9001-certification process, with the expectation of having a quality
certification by next year.
The company's main goal for 2019 is to create a new manufacturing unit, incorporating an exclusive
technology of automated production with the possibility of advanced customization, waste reduction and
with a strong environmental policy and leading edge information management.

The Industry 4.0 principles, flexibility, digital technologies and customization, are the foundation of the
company's long-term strategy. The company is focused on producing seamless footwear and without
assembly processes. The new 3D BONDING technology, patented and developed by the partner company
Simplicity Works (, allows the footwear production using traditional materials, such
as leather, without the need to incorporate many of the traditional production phases that characterize
the footwear industry since the beginning. The company introduced the first collection with this
technology last year, INFINITY Collection, the first line of safety footwear products, which uses only one
DESMA injection machine, unlike any other standard production method.


Company: AMF -Albano Miguel Fernandes, LDA

Adress: Rua de S. Cipriano, nº 658 Tabuadelo, 4835-461 Guimarães
Phone: 00351 253 527 163
Brands: 2WORK4 / TOO’L
Turnover: 12 M€